Sex Toy

“Electronic rock with a spanking good beat!”

Sex Toy is available through a number of services including iTunes. We have taken a well deserved break and plan to gig to support the CD in 2008. Check the Gigs page for shows as updates come in.

Thank you to everyone who tracked the progress of this CD and kept up the excitement - it’s been quite an undertaking! You can buy the CD now from our CD Baby page or download MP3s (individual or entire album) from our site.

Album Credits:

  • Executive Producer: Kalib DuArte
  • Mixing: Bobby Cochran, Makana Morab
  • Remixing: Bobby Cochran, DJ Moda, Tim Jaquette
  • Mastering: Rob Doolan, DJ Moda
  • Composition: Kalib DuArte
  • Lyrics: Pixie Bleu
  • Bass: Makana Morab
  • Keyboard: Kalib
  • Loops & Programming: Kalib, Makana
  • Lead Vocals: Pixie
  • Back-up Vocals: Lita Fondle, Makana, Kalib


Final Song Order:

  • Sex Toy
  • Brass Pole
  • Pleasure & Pain
  • The City
  • Future Transmissions
  • Take A Picture (Dream Mix)
  • I’m Your Lover (Water Mix)
  • Haunted Play
  • Blue Leather
  • Brass Pole (Reprise)
  • Sex Toy (Telephone Mix)

Listen to...

“Sex Toy (Telephone Mix)” 6min 21sec

Click to play or right click to download to your desktop. Please note: This file may have a long load time depending on your system . Patience is a virtue.

for booking please contact Pixie by e-mail or phone: 510.207.9955

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