“Electronic rock with a spanking good beat!”

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    Cuir Bleu's first full-length album, “Sex Toy” delivers everything the band stands for – “Electronic rock with a spanking good beat” - spotlighting several of the their more racy and sex-positive songs (“Sex Toy”, “The City”, “Brass Pole”, “Blue Leather” & “Pleasure and Pain”). This CD also includes dance remixes of earlier songs by Bobby Cochran and a club mix of the title track by DJ Moda (“Sex Toy Phone Mix”) that’s currently in rotation at The Power Exchange, The SF Citadel and Club Shadowplay. Rounding out the collection are the evocative “Haunted Play”, an instrumental reprise of “Brass Pole” and a little surprise piece called “Future Transmissions”.
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A project 2 years in the making, Cuir Bleu's debut EP "Slip Away" blends rich rock-influenced vocals with techno-laced dance beats, synthesizer, loops and electric guitar.

The tracks range from techno-industrial dance flavor ("Slip Away", "Falling Through Mirrors") and electronic rock ("Take a Picture", "Slip Away Stage Mix"), to sensuous and tantalizing ("I'm Your Lover" & "Branded Part 2"). The songs are evocative, showcasing the band's solid songwriting and sense of fun.

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