“Electronic rock with a spanking good beat!”

What people are saying about the “Sex Toy” Album...

"If Garbage were more horny than angry, then they probably would've sounded like Cuir Bleu... however you will not find any loud post-grunge riffing here. Cuir Bleu deals in synthesized charms. Nevertheless, they are never cold. As with the best electro-pop groups of the 80's, Cuir Bleu are able to take keyboards and make them sound as lusty as possible"

Adam Harrington, Whisperin & Hollerin, UK (

Are you a fan of the 80s and 90s style? Want some electronica you can really sink your teeth into? With a fetish flair and a positive attitude, Cuir Bleu’s music is a solid high-energy blend of rich, sexy Electronica, dark Synth-pop, and EBM/Industrial. Give it a listen and you’ll be hooked!

"It's not often that I get a fetish record in the mail, especially one with a slick Europop sheen and actual songwriting... the music is better than you'd expect too. Instead of milking the same repetetive beats, Cuir Bleu have actually crafted some good pop songs, especially the title track ('Sex Toy') and 'the City', with this brilliant gender-bending exchange: Do you want a pretty boy/Or a well-hung girl?' Genius, it is."

~ Kyrby Raine, Shotgun Reviews (

What people are saying about the “Slip Away” EP...

“I thoroughly enjoyed your group's CD. Beautiful, haunting lyrics, rich, textured vocals, and wonderful instrumental production make for a not-to-be-missed musical experience. You and your band are very cool!” ~ Pat Moose, Berkeley CA


“At first listen to Cuir Bleu’s debut EP “Slip Away”, a Tranced Eurythmics/Tech Rock sensibility is apparent. On the second listen, the ears warm up and tune in to the melodic layers within each intricate track of this album. After allowing yourself to flow within Cuir Bleu’s wavelength, all the intricacies and layers of this album flood the senses in a sonic wake. It’s one of those rare albums that bestow uniqueness with each listen. Lead singer Pixie possesses great range with soulfully rich vocals. Pixie is a perfect complement to Cuir Bleu’s talented keyboardist Kalib. From emotionally driven tech rock songs to drum and bass rhythmic, trance-influenced tracks, this EP has it all; remarkably through only 6 songs. Dynamic and atmospheric, Cuir Bleu runs the trance/tech rock gamut”.   - Alex Meland,


Sexy Music With a Twist… (by DougyGyro)

… or is that a kink? Strong synthpop tinged with industrial… and just enough of an edge to grab you by the combat boots and make you wanna dance. “Slip Away” is a great track, as is “Falling Through Mirrors”. Should the chance to see them play live arise, you should not miss it.

“I listened to your CD last evening and I think it’s GREAT! You guys make as good a tech-trance as anything I have heard in the UK or Germany.”

                 - Eric L

“I listened to the tracks on your website and I really thought they were great. I was on the Record Research site ( when I discovered you guys and I of course gave a great review to “falling through mirrors”. There is a purity to your sound that I haven’t heard since the early 90s. Pixie has a great voice to compliment the dark romantic melodies in the tracks...”  

                     - John Martin, Anniston, AL.

“I like the variety - each song is different, and you did mix it up with different tempos and styles. That’s good! You cover some ground. Each song is melodic, yet danceable. I could see this EP played in clubs, but also for listening. You use electronica in alot of your texture. Keeps it moody, almost mysterious. I like Pixie’s singing; earthy, almost salty, seductive.

                                                                                    ~ Owl

"I'm Your Lover"--If I can just get the clubs to play that song!

Now granted, I may be bit biased. After all, I'm fortunate enough to be dancing for them at Folsom St this year...and of course at Shadow Play on October 7th but after being a Go Go Dancer at Bondage-a-Go-Go for 3 years I kinda understand (or at least I hope) why the gothic and industrial clans go to the clubs. Or at the very least, I understand why I go. Dancing, for me, for the most part, is about losing yourself in the song. You don't think about the bad day at work you had, whether or not you have enough for rent and so on. You're just there, dancing to the song. It's kinda theraputic in a way. "I'm Your Lover" does that. It has a mellow beat that's not too chaotic or too mellow that you feel you have to be a ballet dancer to enjoy. With the haunting oboe melody, it kinda wraps you up with a blanket of atmosphere that lets you get lost in the song, wondering where it's gonna take you next. It reminds me a bit of songs from groups like Dead can Dance and Sisterhood. Kinda why I like Goth and Industrial in the first place. Just the right mix of atmosphere, attitude and otherworldly sensiblilty. Like I said...for just a little bit, you ain't got to worry about the b.s. of normal life... least for a little while.

                                                                             ~ Johnny Target, Dancer

Then there’s Betty...

We found this review while doing a vanity check on Cuir Bleu. Google pointed us to Betty’s personal Lj blog and a scathing review of our first album, Slip Away. We decided to press our luck and have her review Sex Toy for us and here’s what happened...


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