black & bleu crew

“Electronic rock with a spanking good beat!”

This page is dedicated to our awesome, hard-working Crew members and Street Team - we can’t do this on our own! When we say ‘roadie” it’s with utmost respect and the greatest affection!

Black and Bleu Crew core members

New to the Crew!

Alejandro is our newest addition, taking over where Pyrat left off on the Sound Board. Having spent many years as a theatre tech, Alejandro has enthusiastically jumped in as our Crew Boss as well!

We are happy and excited to have him on board!

Photo: Pixie


Bill is our new lighting tech - and it’s so nice to have someone dedicated to the job! He helped run the lighting for our 2008 kickoff show January 1st at Edges and has come on board for crew as of March 2008. Thanks for stepping in and helping out - and welcome to the Bleu Crew!

Photo: Duane Stevens

Josh Drvsh has been with us since Cuir Bleu first began performing in 2001. He has been roadie, pa, sound tech and all-around indispensable. Josh is another crew member and friend we can’t do without! This is a rare shot of josh at the 2004 sf pride gig - taking video of the band while on kanga boots!

Video still: Sergio

Team Cuir...

Jewel started with the band in 2005 for the record release party at Club Shadowplay and has been helping out ever since with CD Sales, set up and whatever needs to get done.

Chris-the-Roadie has been with us since the 2003 Folsom Street Fair. Chris likes to say he isn’t too bright but he can lift heavy things. We tend to disagree with the first - and to gratefully acknowledge the second!

Sara Zephyr helps the street team when she can, selling CDs, running the front door for shows and helping out around the office.

Duane Stevens is the band’s main photographer, covering us at clubs and festivals, as well as other location shoots. His photos are on the cover and insert of the new Sex Toy CD!

Stefanos and Chey are new on the scene and have been spreading the good word - and our Slip Away CDs - around!

Want to join the street team? We’re always looking for new talents, from Crew members to engineers - to let us know how you’d like to participate, email Pixie!


Black and Bleu crew alumni...

Ron Pyrat worked as Cuir Bleu’s first full-time Sound Technician, from June 2006 until July 2008. He is also a talented guitarist and singer, and holds an honorary BAMMIE award for 30 years of sound tech service!

Joe has worked with kalib for many years. he joins cuir bleu when his schedule allows, as a roadie and all-around handy-man.

Rodney has joined us for a few shows as a photographer, taking images of the band, dancers and crew.

Tony B has become one of Cuir Bleu’s videographers, showing up at gigs and helping us to document the performances.

Jsin Diablo has shot video footage of Cuir Bleu as well as many other Bay Area bands. He also interviewed CB for his online show, Late Nite Sinners.

Maximum Carly is a sound engineering student at Pyramind in San Francisco and has joined us for a few shows as an intern on the board.

The Heliophobe has worked with cuir bleu as a lighting engineer and video tech, as well as general roadie stuff. He also worked with kalib in the audio terrorist days.

Kyu has helped us out as roadie and sound engineer. He has also roadied for kalib’s last band, audio terrorist.

Br5an has worked on the crew for us in the studio and out, and may work on a remix project for audio terrorist in the future.

Mr. Yin and Mr. Yang joined the team for the 2005 Folsom Street Fair as general crew & videography. We lost Mr. Yin shortly after the Fair, and we miss him...

Barto came to Cuir Bleu as a roadie for our first festival performance in 2003. He was also a member of the street team for Kalib’s earlier band, Audio Terrorist.


Be a part of it all! Interested in joining Cuir Bleu’s Crew or Street team? If so, please email Pixie with your interest and experience!

for booking please contact Pixie by e-mail or phone: 510.207.9955

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