GENDERFUCK in Cultural Theory


'Genderfuck' is a postmodern feminist term in social theory and anthropology. I first heard Genderfuck described by the feminist cultural theorist Susan Stryker in "My Words to Victor Frankenstein Above the Village of Chamounix: Perfroming Transgender Rage" GLQ 1:3 1994.

 Here are what a few others have to say about the subject.
Angel's Dictionary
Genderfuck n. (also v.): 1. Deliberately sending mixed messages about ones sex, usually through dress (e.g., wearing a skirt and a beard).

Philosophy 408I FIRST MIDTERM EXAM (Take-Home) Sample Answers by Dr. Suppe
(Question number) 13. Genderfuck (200 words)
Forms of dress or behavior that deliberately reject the natural order of masculine and feminine, of male and female through travesty ("grotesque or ludicrous incongruity of style" that mocks). Genderfuck is a subversion and perversion of the established social order. It is a style or form of artifice. Obvious drag, mixtures of hypermasculinity with women's clothing, etc. are examples. Genderfuck is a form of transgressive reinscription (see article) and hence plays a role in queer attempt to appropriate and redefine the heterosexist notions of masculinity and femininity that are used to judge gays and lesbians as "in-between types" -- as not really men, not really women, as being inadequately masculine or inadequately feminine. [112 words] [Source: PHIL 408I lecture notes notes; Random House New Collegiate Dictionary.]

SF Bay Guardian

Is "genderfuck" the theory, and bisexuality the practice?
According to sex educator Carol Queen: "The question of gender ambiguity has become part of the San Francisco community awareness. Gender, as in transgender, gender play, genderfuck.... When we hear gender today we're most likely to think of a girl strapping it on and giving it to a boy, or Kate Bornstein, or Transgender Nation."

Genderfuck by Rage and the Ma-Sheens
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Cross Dressing, Sex, and Gender

 by Vern and Bonnie Bullough





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